Mission + Values

“In life and in business values are important. They keep us accountable and let others know what we stand for and who we stand with. Without values, there is no way to gauge who or what is in alignment with us and who or what is not.” — Toi Smith

A purpose is why you exist. A mission is what you’re going for and how you’re going to do it. A vision is where you want to go. and your core values are the operating philosophies or principles that guide an organization’s decisions, behaviors, and relationships.


We exist to inspire and connect a community of women to rethink and reimagine what parenting, entrepreneurship, work, and motherhood looks like.


Tell the stories of women and their journeys across pregnancy, parenting, entrepreneurship, and leadership, with a focus on how they’ve transformed (themselves, their work, their beliefs) as part of the process.


Build a thriving media company that connects an incredible number of women, parents, and entrepreneurs together to help them realize, grow, rethink, and build the next iterations of what work and parenting can look like.


The following are ten core values of Startup Pregnant media:

1 — We speak first using the words ‘in my experience’.

2 — There is deep power in community and collaboration.

3 — Work-life balance is a myth. There is fit and there is tension.

4 — Life is not all hard labor.

5 — Plans are important. And things rarely go according to plan.

6 — What ‘work’ looks like today is broken.

7 — You don’t have to do things the way they’ve always been done. And startups are one of the best places to imagine new futures.

8 — Feelings matter.

9 — Most of us have a sixth gear we don’t know about.

10 — Culture change starts with stories.