How To Stop Doing It All

A Step-By-Step Strategy for Doing Less In Your Biz So You Can Stay Sane

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It’s time to bust the myth that somehow if we push harder, hustle more, or design the perfect day, we’ll be able to achieve it all.

“Doing it all,” has been the rallying cry of too many women for far too long.

What if we STOP trying to do it all?

What if we actually figured out what matters most, so we can let go of the rest of the stuff we don’t need to do?

I wrote a short guide (longer than a blog post, shorter than a book) about the steps I took to reduce my business plans for an entire year, and why it’s been so meaningful to me.

At first, it seemed super hard. Cut my business by half? But then, it became freeing. And important. And now I can’t live without it.

In this short guide, I’ll walk you through three core questions that helped me radically rethink my business.

What I’ll teach you in this guide is a way to reevaluate what you do in order to do less—way less—so you can regain time, sanity, and clarity.

Here’s what this guide includes:

  • How I planned for the year ahead and eliminated 50% of my workload. 
  • The surprising things I dropped from my to-do list.
  • Why I wrote a “do not do” list.
  • The system I used to figure out what to eliminate.

The goal of this book is to help you simplify your business workload.

The process involves three questions to analyze your current business, and five questions to unpack what it means for your specific situation.

The way the world looks today isn’t working for a lot of people.

In order to get different results, you’re going to have to do things differently than you’d expect.

I get it. You might feel burned out, overwhelmed, like you’re barely making it through the day.

Like there are a hundred pieces and projects flying through the air, and you’re struggling to make it all work. At any given moment, it feels like something is going to either be forgotten, or something urgent is going to completely overwhelm you.

This process helps you simplify and do less. 

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