Quick announcement: we are adding more time slots for the live coaching sessions in The Wise Women’s Council. One of the main emails we’ve been getting is that the program looks wonderful *but* the times are hard to make. We are listening! We’ve added new coaching time options. Read on below.

Here’s how the live coaching sessions work

In our community mastermind, we’re gathering a group of 20-30 people (maybe more, depends how many people apply, but still an intimate group of phenomenal women). We are going to break up the coaching across several time options so you can pick what works best for you.

The only session you need to attend live is your own. All of the other coaching sessions you can watch on replay, and we will make both the audio and the video available for you to watch and stream whenever it’s best for you.

Plan to join two live coaching sessions—you will be one of the people in the hot seat. You will be with a small group of women on the call. For all the other calls, you can submit any questions or puzzles you have in writing, in advance, and we will be doing laser-coaching mini-sessions at the end of every call and answering the questions that we get.

We’ve added new dates and times:

  • Thursday, March 21st — 1PM Eastern
    • Friday, March 22nd — 3PM Eastern (NEW TIME)
    • Wednesday, April 17th —4PM Eastern (NEW TIME)
  • Thursday, April 18th — 1PM Eastern
  • Thursday, May 16th — 1PM Eastern
    • Friday, MAY 17th — 3PM Eastern (NEW TIME)
    • Wednesday, June 19th — 4PM Eastern (NEW TIME)
  • Thursday, June 20th — 1PM Eastern
    • Thursday, JUNE 20th— 7PM Eastern (NEW TIME)
  • Thursday, July 18th — 1PM Eastern
  • Thursday, August 15th — 1PM Eastern
    • Wednesday, SEPT 18th — 4PM Eastern (NEW TIME)
  • Thursday, September 19th — 1PM Eastern
    • Thursday, SEPT 19th — 7PM Eastern (NEW TIME)
  • Thursday, October 17th — 1PM Eastern
    • Friday, October 18th — 3PM Eastern (NEW TIME)
  • Thursday, November 21, 1PM Eastern — Closing Circle

Don’t see a time that works for you?

Email us at hello@startuppregnant(dot)com — we’ll get it sorted. If enough people request, we’ll add additional time options to make sure that there’s something that works for you.

Which sessions will you be assigned to?

After you apply, when you join The Wise Women’s Council, we will send you a note and ask you to pick your top 4 times. For all the other calls, you don’t have to attend live, but rather, watch the replay of other people’s coaching sessions. If there is space to attend a live session, we’ll send a note out in our Slack group the week before and you can jump in last-minute, but you do not need to plan to attend everything live.

We’ve heard people tell us that listening in to the recording of the coaching sessions of other people has been equally valuable if not even more valuable than their own session, because they get to see inside the lives of other people and learn vicariously, solving challenges that they might also have had, but didn’t think to address.

If you haven’t applied yet but you’re curious about joining The Wise Women’s Council, head over to our application page to read all about our community mastermind and learn what it takes to join.

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